Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya is a non-profit community development organization that works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth volunteerism and grassroots organizing. Our approach encompasses an array of programs and projects that, together, strengthen initiative and facilitate redress to problems prioritized by members of the community.

Plan International began operating in Jordan in 2016 to address the biggest inequalities and violations of children’s rights.
With a huge number of people forced to flee conflict and live far from home across the Middle East, gender inequality, abuse, child labour and a lack of education have become rife and the international response has struggled to keep up.
By focussing on the key issues faced by the most vulnerable children, especially girls, among refugee and host communities, we are working where we are needed most and can have the biggest impact.

Euricse’s mission is to promote knowledge development and innovation for the field of cooperatives, social enterprises and other nonprofit organizations engaged in the production of goods and services. The Institute aims to deepen the understanding of these types of organizations and their impact on economic and social development, furthering their growth and assisting them to work more effectively. Through activities directed toward and in partnership with both the scholarly community and practitioners, including primarily theoretical and applied research and training, we address issues of national and international interest to this sector, favoring openness and collaboration.

Alfanar differs from traditional NGOs in that we support ambitious social enterprises to develop sustainable revenue streams, thereby breaking the cycle of donor dependency.
Rather than rely on charitable intention alone, we expect and measure a social return on the funds we contribute.
Investment focuses on social ventures that aim to be self-sufficient, assuring donors that the value of their contributions will be multiplied long after our exit.